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Wee Care Learning Center
3876 S. Lytle Creek Loop
Ontario, CA 91761

60 Fwy South on Haven to Riverside
In Creekside Development

Tel: 909-923-5327 or 909-923-5407
Fax: 909-923-0057
Welcome Infant Care
Our Infant Care Program is designed to meet the individual needs of each child. Through multi-sensory activities in an atmosphere of love and security, a foundation for an infant's healthy development will be formed. Each staff member places emphasis on the loving, caring and security given to each child. The staff also gives special attention to each child's bottle, food and clothing, which are carefully marked. Health and sanitation policies are constantly observed. Each day parents shall receive a report that explains what your child ate, how much and when ... how often your child was changed ... when your child slept and arose ... any special accomplishments ... and much more.

Pre-School Program
Play is the business of childhood. Consideration is given to the planning of play so that through tasting, touching, smelling, and listening, children are able to discover the world around them. Academic curriculums offered to prepare for kindergarten.

Our program's play activities include:
Physical, Social, Emotional and Cognitive Development to include reading readiness, alphabet, number concepts, science, music, arts & crafts, games, story telling and multi-sensory activities.

Extended Day Care Program
Before and after school care is provided for children Kindergarten through twelve years of age. This program allows for homework and group games, in a safe and stimulating environment.  Our school vehicles offer safe transportation to and from local elementary schools.

Summer Fun Program
For vacations and during the summer months (or other school holidays) we have designed a program that offers a variety of fun and exciting activities for children ages Kindergarten through twelve years. Activities of the program generally include: sports, crafts, creative games, songs, skits and other summertime fun.

The Following is a Sample of Our Curriculum:
    Introducing letter shapes and phonetic sounds of U, H, B
    Classifying like objects
    Introducing opposites - awake & asleep
    The color brown

Math Readiness
    Introducing and reproducing numeral 10
    Opportunities for making sets and counting the set numbers
    Recognizing the star shape

    Matching pictures of parent & baby animals
    Developing an awareness of various animal habitats (nest, cave, pond, underground)
    Observing color mixing
    Gross Motor Movement
    Scrubbing movements
    Moving creatively like a cat (stretching, arching)
    Pantomiming animals

Fine Motor Movement
    Twisting pipe cleaners
    Drawing and constructing a mobile

    Accepting a new baby and understanding that parents can love more than one child.
    Becoming aware of nuclear and extended families.

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